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Get Printing that is:

  • Consistent – your printing price is fixed, regardless of coverage.
  • Easy to use – we are your single point of contact for all service and supplies.
  • Predictable – you’ll get better insight into your document production costs and keep invoices simple.
  • Flexible – we can tailor a solution based on your unique business requirements.
  • From small offices to large departments, our printers and multifunction devices/copiers offer a range of features and capabilities to satisfy every office printing need. When you add software solutions to the equation, you’ll multiply your productivity.

Document Management

Thanks to recent improvements in Document Management technology, paper concentrated departments like Accounts and HR can now save a considerable amount of money and countless man hours associated with filing, searching, and storing critical paper documents.

What Is Document Management?

Document Management is simply recreating what you are currently doing with file cabinets but now the documents are digital images and files.

Because of this, documents can be retrieved, viewed, printed, and shared in seconds. However, unlike paper documents, these files are easier to protect from damage, theft, and loss.

Problems Solved with Document Management

Prevents lost, misplaced, or stolen documents and eliminates the need to have paper filing cabinets. One hard drive can store the equivalent of several hundred filing cabinets saving thousands of dollars in storage and paper costs.

Keeps documents secure from fire, flood, or other natural disasters. Also protect aging documents from being destroyed through normal handling.

Financial organizations: comply with the SEC Rule 17a-3&4 regarding collecting and addressing electronic records, securing audit trails, and securing records from unauthorized access.

Allows you to share documents with remote employees, customers, or colleagues without having to copy and mail them. Simply e-mail them or workflow them with a few clicks of your mouse. You can also provide secure access to documents via the web.

Enables you to manage millions of records and retrieve the one you need in seconds without leaving your desk.

To learn how document management can help your company secure and manage critical paper files faster, easier, and with fewer headaches than ever before, fill in the form below. Our document management specialists will contact you to answer your questions and to schedule a demonstration.